Where is the company location?

  1. Al-Khaleej Road
  2. Samic Tower
  3. 8th floor
  4. P.O.Box 8807
  5. Postal Code 31492
  6. Saudi Arabia

Who is Arbah Capital? What is their activity?

It is licensed company by the Capital Market Authority for carry out managing, custody, arranging and advisory.

Where are the company branches?

There are no other branches but only the head office in Dammam.

What is the difference between you and the bank financial companies?

From one of the requirements of the Capital Market Authority is to isolate between current accounts and investment accounts, it has decided to give licenses to companies separate from banks. So we are applying this requirement.

What are the motivations and characteristics that make me be a client for Arbah Capital without others?

  • - Privacy: If you are a visitor for the trading halls, you will find our hall luxurious and limited to small numbers of people not like other banking companies.
  • - Commissions: you can get discounts depending on the size of transactions and deals
  • - Operate always according to Islamic law.
  • - We are the only investment company that is managed in the eastern region.
  • - Speed transactions: because of the presence of all departments in the same building, we do not need to send any transaction to the public administration in another area and waiting for a reply.

Could the company be fake?

The company is registered in the Capital Market Authority where it can be found and inquiry. The founders of the company are some of the largest traders in the region and they interested about their good reputation in the market

What types of activities are handled by the company?

The company operates according to Islamic law and its financial activities are:

  • • Asset management
  • • Special purpose stocks and venture capital.
  • • Mutual Funds.
  • • Private stocks in real estate.
  • • Corporate Finance and Financial Advisory
  • • Brokerage and Trading Services.

What are the available products for the company?

Currently there are brokerage , Real Estate Funds and DPM for Saudi market and in the near future there will be other products.

What are the available products for the company?

Currently there is brokerage for Saudi market and in the near will be more

How can I participate in the product?

Each product has its own agreement to participate, the customer signing the agreement belong to that product.

With any bank the company is dealing?

With Arab National Bank (ANB)

From where I can get the investment account number? Portfolio number?

You can get it from the company itself by SMS on your mobile, by email, or by visiting the company. Just deposit using Arab National Bank.

Is there a special phone number for brokerage?

Yes that is 8004371111

Can I get a discount on the commissions charged for each transaction?

Based on presence of this condition in the agreement signed with company mentioned the discount rate on the volume of sale and purchase or special exception for you.

What kinds of licenses do you have from capital market authority?

Deal, manage, custody, arrange and advisory.

Is there any service for portfolio investment management? Is there any guarantees?

Yes there is portfolio management with guarantees mentioned in the agreement signed between the parties. What kinds of licenses do you have from capital market authority? Deal, manage, custody, arrange and advisory.

When did the company established?

March 2008.

How can I issue orders for buying and selling?

By phone, smart phones and internet or by visiting the company.

Is there any web site for the company? If so, what is containing? Is it possible to find answers for my enquiries?

Yes there is a web site which is: http://www.arbahcapital.com

The web site has the company profile. Also there are daily and monthly different reports from the Saudi market for securities and the economy in general.

Your enquiries could be answered through the website or from customer service.

Is there a special phone number to issue orders? What is the number? Fax number?

Yes, there is a free phone number that is 8004371111 and Fax number is 8099285

What are the rules of Shariah Board based on? Who are approved people for the company?

Shariah board based on the foundations of the Islamic economic system, members of the shariah board are Sheikh Dr. Yousef Abdullah Shubaily , Sheikh Dr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Sind, Sheikh Abdulmohsen Zid Al-Msaad.

Can I inquire about the available balance of cash I have?

Yes, you can through the broker on the free number 8004371111 or you can apply an account statement through customer service, you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone for each transaction.

Today I issued a sell order, is it implemented completely?

You will receive an SMS regarding the completed transaction.

Today I deposited cash in my investment account, can I trade?

If the client has deposited the cash after the opening of the market, he cannot trade but if he deposited pre-opening he can trade. Did you receive any SMS to your mobile phone regarding this topic? If the answer is yes, so you will be able for trading. But if the answer is no, you cannot start trading unless you receive either an SMS, or e-mail.

Is it possible to open another portfolio by my name?

Yes, all you have to do is to visit the company's office and proceed the necessary procedures and fill up the required form.

Is it possible that I transfer the shares of another company to my portfolio investment in the company? And vice versa?

Yes, you can transfer, but depends on who are the owners of shares transferred. Is it yours or someone else (relation of first class, second class, third party)? Or does the shares transferred from another company legally licensed? And different commission for each transfer.

I want to get a detailed statement of my account as soon as possible?

Yes it will be sent to your e-mail mentioned in your agreement with the company as soon as.

From where all fatwas about the shares of companies religiously approved?

There in the company Sharia Supervisory Board that is composed of more than one Sheikh.

Many different transactions I issued yesterday but I did not receive any message on the mobile showing a report status?

Please call toll free 800433777. First we will make sure for the transaction. Then we will send a request to the competent department as soon as possible and we will contact you to inform you if the problem has being solved.

Is there any trading via the Internet?

Yes, there are trading services via the Internet and the website address is http://www.arbahtadawul.com

I want to change my contact information (address, phone, mail box, e-mail)?

Yes, you can change it by visit the company's office.

I want to withdraw some cash from my account? What is needed?

Please visit the company's office and bring your personal documents to transfer the required amount to the bank you are dealing with.