Agreement, Terms and Conditions of Trading via the Internet

Arbah Capital is a Saudi closed and joint stock company with the commercial record no (2050059020) and license no (07083- 37) issued by the Saudi Capital Market Authority which shall be subject to its supervision and operates according to its own rules and regulations in Saudi Arabia.

Address of Arbah Capital company is:

  • ALKhaleej Road , Samic Tower 8th floor
  • P.O. Box8807 Dammam 31492
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Later, it will be referred to as (Arbah Capital or the First Party) and Mr. / Mrs. /the client will be referred to as (the client or the second Party)


The client has been associated with the first party with an agreement to provide investment account service and to open an investment portfolio where the second party expressed interest in signing with the first party for the purposes of participation and the use of electronic trading service,(Arbah Direct Trading) over the internet in investment operations in shares and securities of various class and those that will be added in future in (Tadawul ) system for the Saudi market in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned below.

Client should confirm that he has read, understood and reviewed the rules and regulations dealing and trading conditions in the Saudi stock market (Tadawul) that comes from CMA, which codifies and controls Saudi stock market. And recognizes and fully abide by and comply with the states of the provisions and regulations in addition to compliance with any changes or future additions to these terms.

This agreement and the commitment of the client including the requirements contained therein and the provisions and operations carried out through (Arbah direct trading) begin immediately when accepted by approved methods with the first party or the signing of this agreement or any other automated methods.

Client acknowledges and accepts that by his signature or acceptance of the agreement he will be obligated with the agreement and all trading operations conducted through "Arbah directly trading" and equally as if he was involved in the trading operations through any other medias directly and that authorizes the company irreversible to deduct the value of the monthly fee and / or annual fee directly from any account of his own when the due date as determined by the first party, without informing him, and without the need to sign also client understands that he may not yet discount to claim the first party re-value fees in the event of his desire to withdraw from the service, and that he may not return to the first party to any claims as a result of this discount.

The introduction of this agreement including titles of the two parts of it and read as a single unit, which has been approved by the second party, a religiously situation and a system to comply with the terms and conditions set forth below:-

  1. Arbah trading service
  2. Client will use the "Arbah direct trading " enter for "client portfolio" and do the following:-

    1. subscription of the service or canceled, and get prices of securities and investments (trading) based systems, in addition to information and investment products related to "client portfolio" with the first party, and receive confirmation notices of trading operations.
    2. Conducting various trading operations of securities in the Saudi stock market which allowed within the website or other regulations adopted to execute and modify trading operations and any other investment operations
  3. Risks of using "Arbah direct trading"
  4. The client must read and understand the risks related of accessing the internet via mobile phone which might accompanying it some of breakthroughs for client operations and some security risks by various external parties or delay of information or interruption the information or showing inaccurate information which leads to take wrong investment decisions.

    The client agrees that has sole responsibility and all risks and thus he is clearing the responsibility from the first party from any claims in this regard. The client must keep all the software/hardware that meets the specifications and minimum level of security standards required currently and in the future by the first party and that would enable him to enter the "client portfolio" by the "Arbah Direct Trading".

  5. Use "Arbah direct trading " by data of "user code" and "Secret Code":
  6. The first party will provide the necessary information to the client that enable him to enter the "client portfolio" through "Arbah direct trading" online by providing "user code" and "secret code" as follows:

    1. Client should has a user name and password to enter (referred to each as "user code" and "Secret Code") in order to have access to "client's portfolio," through "Arbah directly trading". When the client opens his portfolio, he will receive sms on his mobile phone containing user code and other sms containing a secret code which can be used only for the first entry of the system and then the system will ask the client to change the secret code to the new code.
    2. Client cleared the first party and his staff and his followers for full responsibility and damages resulting from the misuse of "user code" and "secret code" and he must maintain the confidentiality of codes and change them from time to time and not to inform anyone on those codes that used in his financial operations, and he has sole responsibility when using those codes to enter to the client portfolio and he must informs the first party immediately in case of lost his confidentiality information or if it has come to the knowledge of any third party or any breakthroughs to his confidential information.
  7. Procedures for execute trades operations:
  8. First party will execute the client's orders and instructions through "Arbah directly trading" that is not exceed the limits of validity of the service from the client or from the first party or the Capital Market Authority, which approved and authorized by the client to the first party through "Arbah trading", and the first party will derogation to and from the client's account the commission revenue, deposit, discount for securities as a result of buying or selling, and the client should verify the information, such as secret codes, names, codes of companies, the quantities and prices of securities and expiry date for the orders entered while executing, the first party will not bears the responsibility of non-executed orders in If insufficient or appropriate securities and balance account of the client's portfolio, and client acknowledges alone responsibility and commitment for the correctness or error all operations and orders and instructions executed through "Arbah directly trading", and the first party will exert effort possible with reasonable promptness to comply with the instructions of the client, for example, execute or modify or cancel the instructions sent by the "Arbah direct trading" via mobile phone. The client also acknowledges not the responsibility of the first party if unable to execute such orders. Also reimburse the first party for claims and losses resulting from it.

  9. Exemption from liability because of a defect in "Arbah directly online trading":
  10. The client must ensure minimum safety level of security for his computer system from viruses which adversely affect the security and speed of processes execution and orders issued by the client, the first party will take possible efforts and reasonable in order to ensure the performance of "Arbah directly trading" the first party will not be responsible for the loss or delay or any technical failures, whether that occurs internally or from service providers, which are beyond the control of the first party, and it will release the first party any legal responsibilities to anyone, as a result of misuse or neglect or delay or interruption for providing information and services, and hereby client acknowledges evacuate responsibility of first party for any damages or claims arising in this regard, as the client acknowledges the right of the first party to accept or reject any communications media other than "Arbah trading " in case of crashes "Arbah directly trading", and the client agrees to protect and compensate the first party for any losses arise in the case of acceptance for other communications media.

  11. Termination, or stop in to "Arbah direct online trading":
  12. Client acknowledges the right of the first party dissolution of this agreement unilaterally and without any liability resulting from the cancellation of this agreement, and the cancellation of the rights of the client to use the "Arbah directly trading" via phone in case of client breach of any of the terms of this agreement with notice through the accepted communication media. The client may terminate this agreement, conditionally he notifies the first party in writing his desire of dissolution of this agreement. This notice shall not be considered valid only after received by Arbah Financial Company with a sufficient time to work it out. Responsibilities and duties of the two parties that were about processes remains in place beyond termination and dissolution.

  13. Limits of this agreement:
  14. This agreement and all the other agreements between the parties are governed by the regulations and laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority, Tadawul or any other supervisory. This agreement is applied to the all financial investments or services offered by the first party through "Arbah Direct Trading" with full control of amendments in the name, signs or any additions in the contents of the first party. It is referred to the investment account opening agreement and the client's portfolio in the event of conflict not mentioned in this agreement or any other agreement signed between the two parties

  15. Obligations of the client:
  16. Client acknowledges and fully understands all the terms and conditions of this agreement , agreements of opening investment account , the portfolio, the obligations contained in these agreements as well as all appendixes and other agreements signed or will be signed in the future between the two parties, and that the first party is not legally binding or by the system to explain or interpret any provisions words , terms or appendixes contained in the agreements signed with the second party or those that will be signed in the future

  17. Supplement of Internet Dangers
  18. Client accepts and understands the risks involved the use of the Internet and during the execution of the investment operations, where possible, for example:-

    Lead neglect by the client in dealing with the systems and data confidentiality and protection systems into the computer to get penetration on the computer system and thus third-party will they scammers (people who have the ability to surveillance and penetration sites on the Internet and make changes and impersonate the actual user) intercepted messages sent by the client or to send messages or make some relevant systems and software that damage computer systems used such as viruses.

    If client does not use any protection systems or software protective such as (firewalls) and did not keep updated them permanently into the computer its own or when he saves secure codes and passwords into the computer its own or made available to some, that increases the risk of use of the Internet, it is possible that the some fraudsters to tamper with communication networks, which leads to some technical malfunctions in these networks, resulting in impeding the implementation of some operations and orders fast and time required.

    And it is committed to the client and recognizes the need to update protection systems and provide the maximum security and safety rules and protect his confidential data and computer system for the high level of efficiency and full protection when executing orders through the Internet.

Inquiries and reporting incidents:-

Client can apply for any complaints and incidents and inquiries by calling our toll-free at 8004337777 or by sending an E-mail message to: