Arbah Trading Tools

We Deliver Innovative and Powerful Online Trading Tools

"Arbah Mubasher Tadawul" provides clients access to Saudi stock market through the latest technologically-enhanced channels, which include the following:

1) Central Trading Unit

We offer customers access to the stock market through the Call Center toll free number, where available and qualified dealers are ready to help in all trading transactions and queries.

2) Arbah Mubasher Web

We provide an advance and easy to use from any device with an Internet browser. "Arbah Mubasher Web" is a system for trading via the Internet services provided by Arbah Capital, to enable investors to have quick access to the latest market information and using effective tools and advanced trading. With the "Arbah Mubasher Web" you can easily enter the market, wherever you are, locally or abroad, without limits!, And also you can control your investments at your fingertips!

Features of "Arbah Mubasher Web" include:

  • Online trading and real time quotes
  • Enable you to trade on one push button:
  • Tracking of order status:
  • Real time portfolio manager:
  • Research Charting:
  • Instant Messaging stock alert lots more:

3) Arbah Mubasher Mobile

This service enables customers of "Arbah Mubasher Tadawul" to communicate with the market and the introduction of buying and selling orders through a large segment of mobile devices.

"Arbah Mubasher Mobile" is a mobile wireless application developed for equity trading which operates on Java-based mobile phones. It provides real-time streaming of stock prices on Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) to the customer's mobile phone, in both English and Arabic. It enables investors, who have registered with our panel of stockbrokers, to trade in a totally mobile environment. TC Mobile - Phone operates on GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G and WiFi. Users are able to view real-time stock information, market news, view all holding and outstanding positions, track stocks, place buy and sell orders and view historical charts for trend lines analysis.

4) Arbah Mubasher Pro

This service provides the application of Professional desktop personal, and to provide investors with information, prices and market news immediately and simultaneously, in addition to a wide range of tools and sophisticated technical analysis tools and trading strategies. We have introduced this technique to provide an efficient mechanism for trading and research.

"Arbah Mubasher Pro" gives desktop trading capabilities and access to live streaming prices, instantaneous information, news and signals with powerful analytics via "QuickCharts", technical analysis, strategies and timing indicators. Create your personal unique strategies with Arbah Mubasher Pro and "QuickCharts" then back test them for the optimal returns. "Arbah Mubasher Pro" incorporates a powerful technical analysis toolkit and innovative trading capabilities to deliver a state-of-the art desktop trading management system.arbah_mobile